Between 9:00 pm and home

Thursday 5th November- 22nd November 2015

Preview: Thursday 5th November 6:00- 9:00pm 

Catalina Barroso-Luque | Derzu Campos | Carla Novi | Lucia Oceguera | Red Sandoval

A border acts as a dynamic phenomenon that emerges and disappears. Its transitional and ambiguous character makes it something that separates and connects, contains and restricts, limits and simultaneously articulates. It is encounter and incompleteness but also a zone of negotiation.

Between 9:00 pm and home presents Mexican contemporary artists living and working in the UK thinking the notion of border – a concept that in principle is geographical: a visible line of separation between two countries. However, apart from envisaging the border as a physical space between territories, they also think of symbolic and imaginary boundaries. Either as a geometrical convention or as social construction, the border works as a place of possibility that can be rethought in terms of politics and economics, as well as bodily, digital and (in)visible edges between frontiers.

Exhibition curated by Helena Lugo 



Reading by Catalina Barros-Luque

A parallel reading to her giclee prints entitled ‘Skin’ (2015) to be read on the opening of the exhibition.


Screening and talk with Carla Novi. Desaparecidos, 88 min. 2015. 

Saturday 14th November 5 pm

Desaparecidos follows the stories of a few Mexicans from the current generation who live with the risk of being disappeared because of their participation in the recent protests for the 43 missing students attending the rural teacher’s college of Ayotizinapa.




Catalina Barros-Luque (b. 1988, Mexico City)

Catalina Barros-Luque’s practice seeks to address our shallow visual reading and our contemporary understanding of reality based on a myriad of images in which we have no real presence. Her practice has been developed in the artistic and curatorial realms. She is a current candidate for the Masters of Fine Art at the Glasgow School of Art. Prior to moving to Glasgow the artist lived in the City of New Haven, in Connecticut USA having been granted the one‐year Artist in Residence Award 2013‐2014 from Art Space NH. Before that, Catalina lived in London, UK where she received her BA in Fine Art (First Class Honors) from Central St. Martin’s College of Art and Design. Her work has been shown in London, Cambridge, New York, Chicago, and New Haven, amongst other cities.


Derzu Campos (b.1980, Sinaloa, Mexico)

Carla Novi (b. 1982, Mexico City) Derzu Campos explores questions of catastrophe, fear and collapse, and what the end of the World may bring about, working in a variety of media (video, installation, print, sculpture and performance) conceiving utopia through dystopia: accepting the Apocalypse, but transforming its dynamics into forces of change and construction. Based in London, he recently finished his Master in Fine Arts by Goldsmiths College. He has been awarded with the ‘Jovenes Creadores’ grant from the National Fund for Culture and Arts (FONCA) of Mexico, shortlisted for the ‘Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprise’ in Fine Art, and the ’International Scholarship’ from Goldsmiths University.


Carla Novi (b. 1982, Mexico City)


The exploration of human relations and their social context is central to Carla Novi’s practice. She is particularly interested in working with disempowered communities facing social, class and/or economic injustices. Whether the final product of her projects becomes a performance, a film, a sound installation, a series of paintings, a collaboration, a shared activity for the community to take part, the climax remains in the possibility of inviting each individual and their voice to participate as a medium that has the power to encourage other voices, to make a contribution towards change. She is based in Glasgow, she has a Masters in Fine Arts Degree at Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow. Her work has been shown in UK, Mexico and the USA.


Lucía Oeceguera (b.1983, Culiacán, México)


Lucía Oceguera’s practice is in a constant search for equilibrium — ideas that have been materialized thanks to a constant observation of her surroundings and the resulting exploration of concepts through the aid of different media. Oceguera has been close to the political and cultural tumult of the early 21st Century, nevertheless her work eschews the negative by exploiting its own vulnerability, in that sense each work depicts a possibility of change, a signifier of hope. Lucia has a degree in Master in Fine Arts: New Forms with Honours by Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. She has exhibited in New York, London, Philadelphia and Mexico City among other cities.



Rodrigo Red Sandoval (b. 1985, Mexico City)


Rodrigo investigates constructed realities, combining sculpture, architectural installations and photography. He plays with shapes, spaces and colours in geometric and architectural arrangements of large format, made from furniture, objects and human forms; aiming to generate both perceptual and phenomenological responses within observers. He aims to awaken the sense of our physical space and the role it plays as a catalyst for personal and narrative responses. Rodrigo Red Sandoval is currently attending the Master of Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art. With a background in design and philosophy, he is a FONCA grant winner; his work has been shown in Munich, Paris, Ulm, London, Mexico City and Glasgow, amongst other cities.