80's Punk in Mexico: Screening and Talk

Nadie es Inocente 1987  and Sábado de Mierda 1988. Saturday 21st of November 4 pm.


Nadie es Inocente 1987  and Sábado de Mierda 1988. 

Saturday 21st of November 4 pm.

We are delighted to present two classic video works by Mexican Artists Sarah Minter and Gregorio Rocha. Nadie es Inocente 1987 by Minter and Sábado de Mierda 1988 by Rocha portrait the lives of 1980's mexican young people heavily influenced by Punk

The screening will be followed by an online conversation between Sara Minter, Gregorio Rocha and Javier Calderon.

In the late 1970's people from different parts of states of Mexico moved to the outskirts of Mexico City in search of the opportunities offered by the modern city; most of those people settled illegally or with the complicity of local governments. As time passed they formed neighbourhoods with little or no urban planing so embracing punk was the obvious choice to take by a new generation of people in search of an urban and modern identity.

We will end the day with a selection of Mexican Punk music selected by Mexican Artists Israel Martinez and drinks.

Artists Information

Sarah Minter. Puebla, Mexico, 1953

Minter is a central figure in Mexican video art. She began producing 16mm films in the early 1980s, including San frenesí (1983), Nadie es Inocente (1987), Alma Punk (1991-1992) and El Aire de Clara (1994-1996). This year Minter had a retrospective exhibition at the MUAC Museum in Mexico City featuring films and installations. 

Gregorio Rocha. Mexico City, 1957

Rocha has made films and documentaries since the early 1980's and is also a collector of pre-cinematic machines and tools, which he also uses for his live performances.

Israel Martinez. Guadalajara, Mexico, 1979

Martinez addresses several social topics through sound, music and their relation to image. He also investigates experimental music and Punk Music from Mexico.