Guilt Complex

Contemporary British Video

Thursday 21 of January 7 pm


Thursday 21 of January 7 pm Chalton Gallery, London.

Thursday 11 of February 7 pm: MUPO Oaxaca, Mexico.

Saturday 13 of February 7 pm : Bikini Wax Mexico City


Guilt Complex aims to explore various visions of cultural ennui, existential despair and modern mythology through strategies of the theatrical, the comedic and the journalistic. Through 8 diverse video works there are various overtly political gestures while elsewhere there are more enigmatic investigations into both a personal and a cultural notion of the archive.



Frederick Duffield
Olga Koroleva
Rachel Maclean
Edward Morgan
Guy Oliver
Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn
Rustan Soderling
Bjorn Veno
Curated by Guy Oliver