Moving Bodies/Moving Images

Video Dance: Screening 

Saturday 14th of May. 5 pm


“I discover myself as an artist in a trance… or more like transgenic,

a genetic mutation of an audiovisual choreographer”

-Alfredo Salomón[1]


Moving Bodies/Moving Images’ is a screening of eight pieces of videodance by Alfredo Salomón. By working with the apparent limits that are the skin and the screen, these works rely on the correlational structure of experience to affectively connect the spectator with issues that span from an agonizing love relationship to technology and the apocalypse.

Prioritizing the narrative of the body over any kind of political discourse, these works highlight that, as the human body has become a biopolitical image in itself, it is through aesthetic experience that we can rediscover the fluidity of matter, and thus, the intersubjectiviy and interobjectivity of bodies as images, and vice versa.

As the rhetoric of the body establishes a dialogue with the language of the audiovisual, enhanced particularly by the elements of performance and montage, there is a musical discourse that arises from an indivisible camera-choreography movement. Since this movement brings life to the stillness of the frame, these works act also as a petition to rethink the economy of the image from a more affective standpoint.

When the highly optical Vertovian[1] dream has failed, it is a more bodily approach to the form, rhythms, durations and haptic qualities of the moving images, which can connect us to the present moment of aesthetic experience. After all, if videoart is the art of the present sensations[2], then videodance is the art of those sensations reminding us of the reversibility of images and bodies as entities of movement.


Curated by Alejandra Arrieta


About the artist:

Alfredo Salomón lives and works in Mexico City. Embracing a voyeuristic approach to the limits of the human condition, he deals with the geographies of the body through video-dance, scenic arts, video-installation and electronic art. A FONCA scholar and co-founder of the TECH-MEX movement, his work has been exhibited in Canada, Finland, Malaysia, France and Greece.

[1] Salomón, A. “With choreographer o sin coreógrafo… O de mis razones para salir del closet”. La Creación Híbrida en Videodanza [The Hybrid Creation in Videodance]. (UDLAP: to be published in 2016).

[1] Vertov, D. “Two manifestos”, pp. 6-21 of Kino-Eye: The Writings of Dziga Vertov (Berkeley & Los Angeles: The University of California Press, 1984).

[1] Weiss, P. “La TV te ve,” Visual Arts: Trimonthly Magazine of the Museum of Modern Art, no. 17 (Mexico, Spring 1978)    







Ecosistema 3

2:49 min.

Guadalajara, Jalisco. Mexico 2016.

A video by Evoé Sotelo and A. Salomón

Music: winjer3

Production: Lessley Barajas

Executive Production: Festival Bailar a Pantalla 2016

A collective work by: Alexis Eduardo Rodríguez Orozco, Eberth Alí Morán Morales, Eduardo Álvarez Chávez, Andrea Godinez Navarro, Ximena Valverde Cárdenas, Martha Scarlet Hernandez Flores, Mónica Melissa Esparza Montaño, Karla Daniela Oceguera Alvarado, Lessley Barajas and Carlos Yamil Neri.


Casi Miércoles

5:15 min.

Guadalajara, Jalisco. Mexico 2010.
A collective work by:
Koji Luka, Claudio Rincón Arellano, Elia De La Peña Rincón, Luis Linares, Yehudi Villa, Echevarría, Artemisa González Reyes, Adriana Morante López, Gala Rossana Quezada, Karina Orozco.


Una Moneda

 1:07 min.

Mexico, 2012
Performatic Intervention by Mia Eve Rollow during the Performance and Electronic Jam of Guillermo Gómez-Peña,
Guillermo gal*in_dog and La Pocha Nostra: Cuerpo Diferente. V Muestra Internacional de Performance: El sonido de la última carcajada.
 Ex Teresa Arte Actual. November 23rd, 2012.



1:57 mins.

Mexico, 2014

A video by A. Salomón.

Choreography: Myrna de la Garza

Music: Sr. González

Performers: Myrna de la Garza, Itzia Zerón, Giselle Morgado, Héctor J. Fierro, Sr. González.


Fan 01

2:15 min.

Mexico, 2012.

Bodies: Waldo Facco & Ana Paula Ricalde

Camera: Eric Gotham

Sound Design: Adrián Segovia Nessen

Assistant Director: Francisco Carrera



4:52 min.

Mexico, 2013

Choreography: Maysabel Pintado

Original Music: Alejandro Sanz; performed by: Niña Pastori

Dancer: Maysabel Pintado

This video was made thanks to the support of Cuauhtémoc Sentíes (SAE) and Ada Azor (CIRCUITO LÍQUIDO).


5:00 min.

Mexico, 2013.

A video by A. Salomón and Alejandra Alarcón

Dancers: Jacqueline López and Javier Moreno

Music: gal*in_dog, including collaborations with Punto Pig & Lisa Sangita Moscow

Costumes: David & Becky Gremard

Created for Dances Made to Order 2013


12 moai

7:00 min.

Mexico, 2012

A video by A. Salomón,

Choreography: Rodrigo Angoitia

Sound Design: Ricardo Cortés

Lightning: Hugo Heredia

Bodies: Yonatán Espinoza, Ulises González, Kenya Murillo, Yuridia Ortega, Edith Pérez, Gersaín Piñón, Jorge Ronzón, Paula Rechtman Bulajic, Ana Paula Ricalde Castillo, Sheila Rojas, Arturo Serrano Hernández and Juan Madero.