Hedvig Berglind - PHILLIPS



Private view on the 25th of November 18:00


Hedvig Berglind is a London-based artist who works with video, sculpture, installation and performance. Recent works look to examine and undermine the construction of narrative tropes that constitute meaningful images, appropriating and acting them out in an effort to get inside them. Her installations often incorporate moving image, sound and sculpture. With the use of aestheticaly pleasing compositions she sneaks knotty questions into a familiar visual languages that reference advertising,TV, cinema, and consumer culture. 

Central to the exhibition is PHILLIPS, a digital video work. It is the product of a day long shoot staged by the artist at Dennis Severs’ House, London, in which she worked with volunteering actors and models in a way that lingers on the borders of collaboration and objectification. The work begins and ends with the notion of a ‘period drama'. The drama is latent in that it never comes in to being and yet is alluded to repeatedly in the formal composition of the piece.