Sector ACMA

Exhibition dates: 4-11 of December 2015


Sector Arte Contemporáneo del Más Allá “ACMA” (Contemporary Art from beyond), held its first edition on 2014. ACMA gave us a glimpse of the best and most important contemporary art of the afterlife, and yes, this was the first of its kind. With a market proposal that erases the earthly plane and espiritual meta terrestrial plane, the fair maintains the presence of exhibitors, collectors and gallerists from around the world and time, generating a significant and very important presence in the international contemporary art world.

Sector ACMA offered a distribution of four galleries; each one representing a selection of new works by dead artists and carefully curated by recognized experts in their field, the mediums; Irisdan Corley and the Maestra Tere. 

The participating galleries were; rigor mortis gallery with a Ana Mendieta installation, DMT with a series of works by Mike Kelley, Galeria Chico Xavier with three sculptures of Lygia Clark and ∞ gallery with works of Marcel Duchamp.

For one week, Sector ACMA becomes an indispensable visit to learn about the international news of contemporary art from beyond. Mexico city, hosted the fair in February 2014, it offered international and national visitors  a wide range of opportunities to celebrate art, offering a diversity of free events in public spaces, gallerys, museums and other cultural institutions, public and private.

From the 5 to 9 of February 2014, ACMA brought a new market for art collectors, artists, curators and other interested public in art gathered at the Centro Cultural  Border of Mexico City.

ACMA is a project by GKR (GKR is an artistic production company directed by the artists Cristobal Gracia, Ivan Kraoievitch and Daniel Ruvalcaba) in collaboration with the mediums Irisdan Corley and the Maestra Tere.

Like in any other art fair all the art pieces were on sale, however the exchange system that KGR manages is guided by dead money, exchange system that is based on taking money out of circulation by murdering it (beheaded, buried, cremated, drowned etc.), when the money is killed it acquires a new value in the spiritual and meta terresitrial plane, value that can be used by dead artists. KGR certifies and sells the spirit of the artwork but not the physical work, the buyer acquires the spirit of the art work that will wander for all eternity in their collection. When the spirit of the art work is sold the piece becomes somethong like a corpse or an empty vessel, for wich all the pieces were burried like in a funeral. The funeral of the pieces was held at Museo del Chopo, the only thing that remains visible is a small commemorative plaque of the art pieces and of the first edition of sector ACMA.