Temporary Realities

Temporary Realities

Karen Huber Gallery


Exhibition dates: 1st to 10th of February 2017

Evening events: 1st and 9th of February 6 to 11 pm

Karen Huber in collaboration with Chalton Gallery present the group show ‘Temporary Realities’ on the top roof of Karen Huber Gallery in Mexico City.  


Reality is neither permanent nor absolute but temporary and subjective.


Temporary Realities is an evolving immersive installation of diverse works of art that exist for a limited span of time. The time of the day determines presence and absence of individual works and the exhibition will change radically between the opening and closing events (1-9 of February). Half of the  works will be activated during the night and the other half during the day, so most of the works will be on display only during  the evening or the day.  Time also reveals the duality of individual works tightly  juxtaposed on a roof that feels like a floating platform. The exhibition  is heavily dominated by  durational works such as video, performance, sound and dynamic  installations. The rest of the exhibition includes relatively more solid and stable works such as  sculpture, painting, objects and electronic interfaces.


Sensual experiences by the environment form the blocks of constructed realities.


The exhibition includes  work by  British artists: Elliot Dodd, Max Prus, Laura O’Neill, Rosie Gibbens, Sisters From Another Mister, Henry Coleman, Paul Schneider, Sophie Mackfall, OKOI and  Caterina Gobbi alone with temporary participations by Local artists: Francisco Muñoz, Israel Urmeer, Jorge Rosano, Derzu Campos, Lucy Pawlak, Marcos Castro, Marek Worfryd and Wendy Cabrera.