Private View: Saturday 8th of August 3-6pm.

Exhibition runs until the 5th of September 2015.

 Chalton gallery presents Contemporary Mexican Drawing from the artist group Feral.

Feral is a group of Mexican artists formed by Christian Castañeda, Mariana Magdaleno, Benjamín Sagols, Roberto Flores and Jorge Rosano Gamboa, they run a space dedicated to contemporary drawing practice in México City.

Every course has a destination.  Every burden carries a reward within.

From the curse to the blessing, FERAL explores the concepts of the sacred and faith, reinterpreting their duality and nature through the act of drawing.

The results, even when they come from and intimate approach, look to surpass the frontier of personal interpretation throughout the grasp of modern metaphysics, creating new dialogues in rational, emotional, aesthetic, conceptual and collective levels.

Feral is about a constant quest, one where the answers are usually found within the process itself, using intuition as its main driver.